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The information provided on this website should not be the basis of an investment decision. An investment decision should be based on your customary and thorough due diligence procedures, which should include, but not be limited to, a thorough review of all relevant term sheets and other offering documents as well as consolation with legal, tax and regulatory experts. Any person subscribing for an investment must be able to bear the risks involved and must meet the particular fund’s or account’s (each a “Fund” and, collectively, “Funds”) suitability requirements. Some or all alternative investment programs may not be suitable for certain investors. No assurance can be given that any Fund will meet its investment objectives or avoid losses. A discussion of some, but not all, of the risks associated with investing in the Funds can be found in the Funds’ offering documents.

Investment Risks

The Funds are speculative and involve varying degrees of risk, including substantial degrees of risk in some cases. The Funds may be leveraged and may engage in other speculative investment practices that may increase the risk of investment loss. Past results of the Funds’ investment manager is not necessarily indicative of future performance of the Funds, and the Funds’ performance may be volatile. The use of a single advisor could mean lack of diversification and, consequently, higher risk. The Funds may have varying liquidity provisions and limitations. There is no secondary market for investors’ interests in any of the Funds and none is expected to develop.

Not Legal, Accounting or Regulatory Advice

This material is not intended to represent the rendering of accounting, tax, legal or regulatory advice. A change in the facts or circumstances of any transaction could materially affect the accounting, tax, legal or regulatory treatment for that transaction. The ultimate responsibility for the decision on the appropriate application of accounting, tax, legal and regulatory treatment rests with the client and his or her accountants, tax and regulatory counsel. Potential Investors should consult, and must rely on their own professional tax, legal and investment advisors as to matters concerning the Fund and their investments in the Fund. Prospective Investors should inform themselves as to: (1) the legal requirements within their own jurisdictions for the purchase, holding or disposal of shares; (2) and applicable foreign exchange restrictions; and (3) any income and other taxes which may apply to their purchase, holding and disposal of shares or payments in respect of the shares of the Fund.